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The gods of Domus

(Note: this list is still not quite yet complete. I’ll add gods as I think of them, or as they’re discovered by the forces of civilization – e.g. Huitzile, below)


Eliye: The Supreme Deity. Creator of All that Is. Most Blessed, Most Highly Exalted; God of Justice, God of Mercy, the God who defines goodness, light, and truth. The most powerful, oldest, and most primal god, creator of all others; the Domus equivalent of the Judeo-Christian God. His alignment is Good – in fact, to define what “Good” is, you more or less describe him. Though it’s seen as irreverent to depict him, his form is humanoid… well, to say his form is like that of a human is equivalent to saying an Ancient Solar Angel’s form is like that of a carrion fly. Glory and beauty suffuse the very space he touches, and one cannot be in his presence without being constantly destroyed and reborn in ecstasy (it’s said that Eliye especially loves the phoenix). He has seemingly been absent from the world for centuries, and his followers are starting to doubt. His clerics, clad in bright yellow and royal blue and well-beloved throughout Domus, exhort the people to continue in hope.
Domains: Celestial, Creation, Glory, Good, Healing, Protection, Purification

Moriorancharothalagon: Wyrmfather; the All-Powerful; the Aukkar Lord. Loves destruction for its own sake, kills to fuel despair, feeds on hatred, and wishes to consolidate power under himself and “try to take over the world.” He’s the antithesis of Eliye, and almost a match for him besides (apocryphal texts hold that the two were once brothers, before the creation of time). He’s definitely got clerics, followers, and armies under his orange and red banner: Chaotic Evil lovers of power, from orcs to Liches, worship him. Though he is not actually draconic, he is said to take on the fiery visage of an orange dragon with jet-black eyes, enormous beyond even the comprehension of the oldest Great Wyrms. Every Evil act ever borne of pure spite bears his taint.
Domains: Destruction, Domination, Evil, Fury, Pain


Aulë: Moradin; The Smith; Lord of Stone. Aulë is the Lawful Good creator of dwarvenkind, constantly hammering away at his forge in the bowels of the world. He forged the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves in the deeps of time, and gave life to them in emulation of (and tribute to) Eliye. The dwarves in turn have strived to create great good works of their own, in emulation of their god’s loving creation of themselves. Though Aulë has a roaring sense of humor, it is hidden deep behind a gruff façade of stern duty and hard work. His colors are white and purple, shot through with thread of all precious metals. His favored weapon, predictably, is the warhammer.
Domains: Artifice, Community, Earth, Endurance, Good, Law

Bahamut: Lord of Metallics; The Platinum King; the Redeemed One. Once a servant of the Wyrmfather, Bahamut was engaged in a furious battle with Aulë and Elohanna, the two servants of Eliye. Suddenly Eliye Himself appeared, and all were still before him. None will ever know what Eliye whispered to Bahamut in that moment, but thenceforeward he was redeemed completely. He rejected all the works of Moriorancharothalagon and created his own dragons, the Metallics, to serve the causes of good and undo the work of his old master. His tireless work on behalf of Goodness has earned him wide respect among the pantheon. (Less successful have been his efforts to teach his charges humility.)
Domains: Dragon, Glory, Good, Wealth

Boccob: This very strange god appears to serve two, completely unrelated, purposes in the pantheon: he serves as the True Neutral god of magic, and the Chaotic Evil god of war. It is as though two different personalities are vying for control of the one personage, and his name will be invoked by both the contemplative struggling to master a complicated spell and a juggernaut charging into an entrenched enemy force. Black and white concentric circles, sometimes split into a field of two color-reversed halves, mark his adherents.
Domains: Destruction, Evil, War | Magic, Mysticism, Rune, Summoner

Elohanna: Elf-Mother; Beloved. Chaotic Good goddess of elves and fey, and the highest Goddess in the pantheon. At the establishing of the world, Eliye gave to her the night sky as her dancing-floor, and her dance brought out the stars in the blackness. Thus not only was the night given light and beauty, but music was created as well. It was through this dance that she plucked the living emerald Timeless from the sky.
Domains: Chaos, Creation, Fey, Glory, Good, Joy

Maur: The Absence; the Will. If Nothingness were to take form — if a hole were to rend in Existence itself and seek to unmake the universe — Maur would be its name: a singular Purpose so malevolent that it brought itself into unbeing. It Is Not, and it rules the empty corners of the earth. Nameless fears; needless defeats; fruitless victories; shadows, hopelessness, and emptiness; children’s nightmares: these are Maur’s domain. It has no clerics, and only the thoroughly insane pay it homage; it is completely Chaotic Evil. The Will is said to wander the seas in a ghostly Flying Dutchman, outcast from the living realm of the gods and set adrift on the shadowy sea in a dark age long before the lands had been created. (To speak its name while on board a ship is, obviously, the highest form of blasphemy, and will pretty much get you killed and thrown overboard right then and there.)
Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Evil, Madness [NOTE: all followers of Maur are incurably insane, and therefore all must choose the Madness domain.]

Shale: God of Death; Reaper; Lord of the Shuriken. A once-human mad deity, Shale is the personification of death, collecting the souls of the dying and sending them to the next world. Though he is Neutral in alignment, he is worshipped by many evil clerics, and assassins revere and seek to emulate him, right down to their use of the shuriken as a weapon. Pegárta is his lover, though the two have only met once, on the day long ages ago when Shale became what he now is. He is depicted as a strong young man in a slate-gray cloak.
Domains: Death, Madness


Atar: [Deceased.] Atar was Lawful Good – one of the two Keepers of the Gates, along with his protegè, the much younger Pegárta. In addition to his duities keeping order in the Land of the Dead, Atar also presided over the waxing and waning of the larger of Domus’ two moons. He was slain æons ago by Shale, on the day the latter came into the secrets of the Shuriken. Pegárta thereupon inherited Atar’s title of Watcher. None are now left who revere him, and it is said that his moon has been slowly winding down ever since his death.
Domains: Inquisition, Law, Repose

Entropa: Time’s Ravage; the Branded Beauty; the Crone. The “ice queen” goddess of deterioration. She is a beautiful yet aloof woman who has grown younger in appearance over the ages, and now appears as a nude, tweenaged elven lass with raven hair and pale mirthless eyes. The ravages of old age are wrought by her handiwork, and she eats the thread of Time itself to feed her increasing youth. Lawful Evil. The aged are often enticed into devoting themselves to her, because her consumption of Time’s thread has given her charge over the memories of the past, which she remorselessly uses to torment – or succor – the dying, as she sees fit. Many physics (chirugeons) and alchemists also choose to follow her when they turn to evil.
Domains: Corruption, Entropy, Evil, Healing, Seduction, Temptation

Gruumsh: yeah, the Orc God. He’s Chaotic Evil, thirsts for human blood, and strongly pushes the doctrine of Orcish Manifest Destiny. Lives for battle, enjoys the thrill of conquest, and is only happy when it rains. Though (or perhaps, because) he is rightly considered a war god, he is at constant odds with Boccob, and an army will almost never pay allegiance to both.
Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Strength, War

Kord: God of strength, brawling, and manual labor, Kord is Chaotic Good. He is depicted as a muscle-wrapped titan, bare except for a short gold-and-red skirt (his colors) and a huge greatclub. The strain of humanity that tends toward goodness will default to worship of Kord in the absence of any competing influence. Kord and Lastai are lovers, but the relationship is tempestuous and rocky.
Domains: Competition, Good, Strength

Myrkul: King of Horrors; the Laughing Skull. God of Undeath, Myrkul is Neutral Evil. The plane of negative energy is his to command, and it is through his power that the undead are given animation. He does not serve Moriorancharothalagon, and in fact frequently wars with him. His avatar is a cloaked body, atop whose shoulders hovers a dessicated skull with pinpricks of light for eyes. The skull on a field of black is his emblem, and his weapon the unarmed strike.
Domains: Death, Deathbound, Evil, Undeath

Neptune: Neptune is the True Neutral god of the oceans. He is generally feared rather than worshipped by sailors, most of whom will diligently offer propitiation in his name before beginning a dangerous voyage. Clerics of Neptune, wielding the trident and wearing a splendor of sea-greens and blues, dutifully observe rites in their temples which invariably adorn port cities.
Domains: Travel, Water, Weather

Obad-Hai: Father Earth. Chaotic Neutral god of nature and things that grow. More jovial and less severe than his estranged half-brother Neptune; nature’s fury can still be bloody and savage, though. Obad-Hai is the primo A-number-one choice god for Druids and Rangers of the non-elven races. He is the father of twins.
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Fertility, Plant, Sun

Pegárta: Keeper of the Gates; Watcher on the Bridge. This eternally beautiful, eternally youthful goddess guards the Bridge of Shades (the gateway between this world and the next), and asks the newly dead to bring tidings of her lover, Shale, who sent them to her domain. Like Shale, she has gone mad from her unending life. Pegárta is Lawful Neutral; her very few (usually female) clerics universally wear white and light grey, and wield halberds.
Domains: Law, Madness, Pact, Repose

Rilod Urnonn: Though the god of the gnomes lost over a half measure of his power in battle at Helkath Hazzurim, his spirits have not dampened one whit. Like his charges, he is sprightly, intelligent, happy-go-lucky, and insatiably curious. The Chaotic Good Rilod Urnonn has strong alliances with Yindalla and Aulë.
Domains: Animal, Good, Illusion, Magic, Mind

Yindalla: Neutral Good halfling goddess of home and family, and the harvest goddess for all the world. She is the younger twin of Gnarl, and offers goodness, protection, and peace where her brother has only evil, death, and suffering. Most often she chooses to appear as an ethereal fey, glowing softly green.
Domains: Community, Fertility, Fey, Good, Protection


Emperor of the Holy Imperial Dynasty: Emperors of this succession are put forward as gods to those under their rule. Their alignments run the gamut, but shy away from the Chaotic. Their “followers” are retainers, administrators, judicars, and armed troops – the bureaucracy of an empire – rather than clerics per se. It is possible to be a cleric of the Emperor – however, this doesn’t automatically mean his claims to divinity are valid. Religious sages are quick to point out that divine power can also be channeled through individuals who are merely devoted to abstract, impersonal causes – and no one would argue that, say, “Cold” is a god.
Frequently-Chosen Domains: Domination, Fire, Nobility, Wealth

Babbage: The Trader; Prosperous One. Though worship of Babbage – the Lawful god of trade, prosperity, and accumulated knowledge – should come naturally to merchants and some wizards (as was indeed the case for many centuries), lately his following has been in decline. This is primarily due to the association of business and banking with the unliked Dwarvish race. A graven relief of an open ledger – his symbol – still graces the keystone to most libraries, though. His animal is that industrious trader, accumulator, world traveller, and frequent inhabitant of dusty libraries: the mouse.
Domains: Greed, Knowledge, Law, Wealth

Boreas: North Wind; Devouring One; Old Man Winter. A powerful and devoted servant and messenger of the Wyrmfather. The Chaotic Evil, winged Boreas swept many noble warriors away to their deaths on the field of Helkath Hazzurim, and he still blows an ill omen to many, especially those at sea (whom he takes great delight in tossing to Neptune – or to Maur). He and his followers wield the scimitar.
Domains: Air, Cold, Evil, Travel

Caprice: The Wanderer; Night-Wolf; Goddess of Change. A vagarious, Chaotic Neutral goddess who meanders across the night sky in the form of a small moon. Caprice is chiefly feared by those afflicted with lycanthropy as the cause of their twice-weekly outbreaks. Religious scholars believe that Caprice is not herself evil, but that the attacks may be the result of a curse placed on the young goddess by some lawful evil god (Lek, most probably).
Domains: Celerity, Chaos, Travel

Gnarl: the Starving God; Ever-Hungering; Dusty. When a ravening famine curses the land; when the soil yields up nothing but dust; when children die at their mother’s breast; Gnarl’s is the name mortals curse. This minor Neutral Evil god has caused more than his fair share of suffering among the mortal races. His image and symbol is an empty cradle, his weapon a sickle. Nearly all “Blighters” (fallen Druids) take up the ochre and brown mantle of Obad-hai’s greatest adversary and firstborn son.
Domains: Evil, Hunger, Pain, Pestilence, Plague, Weather

Khrin: Queen of Secrets; the Blank Face. Khrin is lady over the domain of lies, secrets, and mistrust. She is Neutral Evil. Rogues love this joker. If you’re interested in trading up to a deity that will smile upon your efforts to decieve, inveigle, and obfuscate… accept no substitutes. Grab a dagger and follow Khrin.
Domains: Chaos, Charm, Evil, Mind, Protection

Lastai: Lastai teaches that sensual pleasures are meant to be enjoyed, and is not shy about teaching the proper way to enjoy them. As goddess of love as well as passion, she teaches the enjoyment of food without gluttony, the enjoyment of rest without sloth, the enjoyment of luxury without greed, and the enjoyment of sex without exploitation. This Chaotic Good goddess is depicted as a voluptuous woman, powerfully sensual but neither seductive nor licentious. Her symbol is a peach, displayed on a field of purple and green. Lastai has a few small temples, mostly found in large cities, that constantly battle against their undeserved reputation as being nothing more than glorified brothels.
Domains: Chaos, Fertility, Good, Liberation, Luck, Pleasure

Lek: The Trickster; The Schemer. Lek is an oddity in the pantheon. One would think that a god of tricks, deception, and betrayal would be chaotic evil, but this is not the case. The need to carefully lay his plots and plans beforehand, and then meticulously carry them out, has constrained Lek to the realm of Lawful Evil. Even more strangely, many of his adherents are actually Good: gnomes, some elves, bards, illusionists, and goodly rogues who appreciate the value of a well-executed prank recognize their reliance on this nominally evil god. Lek is infuriated at what he deems a misappropriation of his scheming attributes, but these do-gooders have actually accorded worship of Lek a measure of honest respectability. His personal weapon and token is a snare, though most who pay him homage just use whatever weapon best suits them.
Domains: Evil, Luck, Trickery

Mustelas: He is a fallen god who formerly had charge of great swaths of forest in Solum. However, an encounter with the Absence left him riven of power and of followers. He slowly began to rebuild his worshipper base, starting with the ferrets and other small mammals. He’s a big, burly, jolly, absent-minded bearded dude, like the Ghost of Christmas Present meets Tom Bombadil. True Neutral, leaning toward Good.
Domains: Animal, Fey, Plant

Huitzile: A magnificent, Chaotic Good goddess that inhabits the Rusch Forest in southern New Attica. Huitzile manifests as a couatl to her worshippers, which consist mainly of the race of centaur sport-warrior tribes in the region. Though her followers live at one with nature – a practice she encourages – Huitzile also recognizes the need to accommodate all types of living beings (and the urban lives some of them lead) to unite them in the quest to overtake and wipe out evil. “You must meet her yourself before we can speak of her,” say her followers.
Domains: Fire, Glory, Good, Mysticism, Oracle

Tash: [Deceased.] Tash, the great arch-demon, was Captain-General of Boccob’s army during the Sundering of the Realms of the Titans and the Reconstitution. He was a great vulture-headed god, with the body of a man, and four clawed arms. Bahamut’s first act as a redeemed servant of Eliye was to pull down Tash and crush him. Thus was the leadership of Boccob’s army sundered, and thus were the gods of good able to triumph at Helkath Hazzurim. Tash was Chaotic Evil and really smart.
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Force, Mind, War


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