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ATOM: +5 Blinding Animated platinum tower shield. Wielder gets Spell Turning 1/day as a free action, Damage Resistance 15/good, and Improved Evasion (as the feat). No armor check penalty, arcane failure chance, or non-proficiency penalties. Intelligent (though communicated only through empathy), its purpose was to protect those of Good alignment from everything evil. The shield, not the wielder, chose when to use the Blinding ability. This awesome shield was composed of a single scale donated by the Platinum Lord himself, Bahamut. It bore no visible seams, mark, or ding despite decades of service and was so shiny that it was hard to look at. Evil wielder: yeah right.

EXCALIBUR: +4 Shocking Burst Brilliant Energy bastard sword. Adds +4 to Leadership score; when wielder makes a successful attack, all evil creatures within 32’ must make a DC 16 Will save or be shaken for the duration of the encounter. On a successful critical hit with Excalibur, all opponents currently in combat with the wielder, regardless of distance, must make a DC 16 Will save or be panicked. Dwego, the greatest hero-king of any age on Domus, used this sword to unite the civilized world and end the Days of Toil and Trouble.

HEANA’S STEADFAST REFUGE: Though to outward appearances it looks to be made of glass, this +5 buckler of Moderate Fortification is an incredible defensive item. It bestows upon the user the Defensive Stance ability once per day, except that the stance lasts for (10 + improved Con mod) minutes, and the Constitution increase granted is +6. Every time a user activates the Defensive Stance ability of this shield, there is a cumulative 2% chance that they will receive a +1 Natural bonus to AC (wich accumulates separately for every user, and does not reset when traded between users, but does reset if the bonus is ever awarded), and a (non-cumulative) 1% chance that they will be irreversibly turned to stone, as Heana eventually was.

ISMAIL AX: The unsuspecting may treat this powerfully evil item as just an ordinary wood-splitting hand hatchet, as indeed it appears to be. But you can’t rid yourself of it except through remove curse followed by a wish or miracle. Every day a creature has it in their possession, they must make a DC 20 will save to avoid a shift in their alignment toward chaotic evil. When a holder of the Ismail Ax finally does reach chaotic evil alignment, they will immediately seek out and kill those closest to them through the most effective means available. After killing over thirty people and absorbing their souls, the ax will turn on the user, forcing them to make a will save DC 30 to avoid suicide. Families, tribes, clans, and even lovers have had their lives brutally ripped apart by this item; basically the Ismail Ax floats through the world causing death and chaos.

ORTHODOXY: +5 Keen Holy Axiomatic longsword. Forged by Aule himself, a longsword of flawless mithril-adamant alloy (note, this alloy is impossible except at temperatures that would kill all mortals within a mile) whose blade glittered like a diamond rainbow. Its hilt was diamond-carven, wrought with intricate filigree of gold and light. The handle was of one piece with the blade; its pommel was a small granite block of the same quarry from which Aule made the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves. In a booming, clarion voice which it could use audibly or telepathically, it would eloquently call for the eradication of evil in every form. Any time the wielder (or, as it would have said, “companion”) lost consciousness – even into sleep – Orthodoxy would extend a Holy Aura around them, with the distinction that the aura also hedged out evil as Magic Circle Against Evil. A wielder also got +1 STR; +2 WIS; and Smite Evil as the paladin ability, a number of times per day equal to character level/2. This ability stacked with any Smite Evil the character already had. The oldest fragments of Celestial language, predating all other written communication, reference this sword with holy awe. It has never been seen by the eye of mortal races.

PEACEMAKER: +3 Disrupting Ghost Touch heavy mace. Guess what this one’s good at. Go ahead, guess. It’s black tinged with ghostly golden highlights, and gives off faint white wisps of etherstuff. The perceptive will notice that it seems to slowly “fade” in and out of the Prime Material, like a radio station not quite locked in. It also glows like a daylight spell at the wielder’s desire, adds +5 bonus to your turn undead check, and grants you the Extra Turning feat (only applicable if you can already turn undead). Tilla Rayn used this one in her campaign against the Great Arising. Evil wielder: one persistent negative level. Undead wielder: fort save (DC 25) or be forever destroyed.

SNIKKER: +5 Vampiric Vorpal short sword of Speed. The hilt and pommel of the sword of Vecna are graven in the shape of a skull and streaked with red liquid. Eerily, the tip of the sword constantly drips this red substance, which to all analysis is most likely blood. The bearer of this sword received the benefits of a haste spell, which did not stack with its Speed property. Anyone slain by Snikker (except those claimed by its Vorpal property) rose again as undead under the control of its wielder in 1d4 minutes. The evil intelligence of this blade would unrelentingly call for the wielder to kill, kill, kill.


STAFF OF THE MASTER: +2 Axiomatic quarterstaff of Spell Storing. Flawlessly constructed down to the microscopic level, a perfectly straight perfect cylinder whose length-to-diameter ratio is a prime-number multiple of the Golden Ratio. It is cream-colored, without ripple, grain, or texture, and to the touch would seem to be made of ivory, though it reverberates like wood when struck. There were six of these made. Two were shattered at Helkath Hazzurim. Dalbered’s predecessor had one, it’s still in the Mage’s Conclave. Any arcane spell cast by a wielder of a Staff of the Master has +3 added to its effective caster level. Illusion (or Conjuration, depending on the staff – 50% chance) spells cast by a wielder are Maximized, have one of their primary effects (range, area, duration, resist DC – caster’s choice at time of casting) doubled, and have concentration DC to maintain halved.

THE ARMOR OF LIGHT: If a chaotic good creature dons a set of this glamered +3 half-plate, he is aware of any action or item that could adversely affect his alignment and his standing with his deity, including magical effects. He acquires this information prior to performing such an action or becoming associated with such an item if he takes a moment to contemplate the act – in this regard, Armor of Light functions identically to a phylactery of faithfulness. Armor of Light counts as scale mail for purposes of weight, speed, arcane spell failure, and armor check penalty. Furthermore, any critical threat against the wearer suffers a -2 penalty to confirm.

TIARA OF FAR-REACHING VIGILANCE: The Tiara of Far-Reaching Vigilance were three crowns that sat upon the heads of guardian titans of lesser planes. +4 bonus to Wisdom, Scry three times/day anywhere on any plane that has one of these Tiara on it, and Send Thoughts at will to anyone wearing one of the other two. The Tiara are without alignment, though they tend to be more useful to Lawful planners and organizers. When the Realms of the Titans collapsed, the Tiara fell into the hands of various mortal factions. One currently sits on the head of a demon ruler of an evil plane, one is in the great treasure vaults of a neutral plane, and the third is purported to be on the Prime Material.

PLOWBREAKING CALL: +2 Burning Twilight breastplate of Fire Resistance. Wearer can cast blight once/day as a 15th level druid, insatiable hunger once/week, and horrid wilting once/month. Good wearer: one persistent negative level. Gnarl, the god of famine, once had an emmisary among mortals: Chimber, a fallen naiad. Chimber clothed the Twenty-Three Lieutenants of his legion in these fiery breastplates to spread their work of misery and burning ruin throughout the civilized lands.

ALEXANDER OF GAMLAD: When Gamlad the Dragons’ Bane christened his +1 Keen Greataxe “Alexander” as a memorial to the half-troll he’d fought beside, the half-troll’s spirit was awakened within the axe. This empathically-intelligent item radiates an intense desire to help those in need, does damage as a greatsword (2d6), and allows its wielder to rage once every three weeks – unless the user already has the ability to rage, in which case they can do so one extra time per day.


BETRAYER: +1 knife. A Betrayer will be a dull gray knife (use dagger stats), one that the mind just slips over. Grants +3 to Slight of Hand checks made to conceal it and +1d4 to Sneak Attacks made with it. A Good creature that wields one takes a -2 penalty to Will saves.

BETRAYER, GREAT: +2 knife of Wounding. Grants +7 to Slight of Hand checks made to conceal it and +1d8 to Sneak Attacks made with it. Can be drawn from concealment as a free action. If armed only with a Great Betrayer, opponents in combat must make a DC 13 Will save or forget that you are armed, and treat you as a noncombatant. Inflicting damage on an opponent grants them a new saving throw. A Good creature possessing a Great Betrayer takes a -3 penalty to Will saves and a persistent -1 WIS penalty (that ends when the weapon leaves their possession).

SHALE’S TOUCH: an enchanted +4 shuriken, midnight black, with the runes of pain, poison, curse, and death graven onto its four points. If a critical hit or a coup de grace is scored with this shuriken, the target must make a DC 18 fortitude save or die instantly.

INFILTRATOR’S KEY: this is a +1 blackjack (nonlethal only) which, twice per day on a successful hit, casts Sleep as a 7th-level caster, and once per week allows Silence as the spell (also 7th level).

RING OF SOBRIETY: simple copper band that never tarnishes. Grants +12 bonuses to any mind-affecting status, even fort saves against drunkenness, and gives immunity to Sleep effects.


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