the Great Ulfe

The party rescued some human paupers who were being held for ransom in an orcish cell, and Drizzledour sent them on their way with two of his rations (“Though I should expect them to have gone stale, or rotten, and poison you as likely as sustain you”).
The group of adventurers then found their way through the caverns, finding a few odd rooms that they decided to explore later. Ingrid activated a nasty gas trap. The inhalation of the noxic gas made her feel weak – even more so than usual.
Right next to this trap was a room that they decided to explore now. Inside were a monstrous ogre and two ferocious wolves, who attacked the party without quarter or parley. Halfway through the fight, the beast bellowed a challenge down the corridor, and four orcs answered it, running to flank the party in the elbow of the hallway.
Though they nearly collapsed with the beating they took, and Sakura was kept busy with a flurry of healing spells, they managed to stand triumphant. The ogre, who seemed to be the “Great Ulfe” the orcs had been speaking of, held some pretty good treasure in two wooden chests in his room.



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