Sakura's Journal, entry 2

While we were resting from the last battle, that fool of a scout apparently discovered a secret door. This, on its own, would not be a problem, except that instead of getting the rest of us, she decided to move on, and wound up running into a bunch of orcs, including a mage. The foolish girl managed to run back to the rest of us, and we set as best an ambush as we could on such short notice.

One orc only came through the door, but we made such an end of him that the others threw a vial of alchemist’s fire at us, and ran.

Once the gas had cleared, we ventured forward, as a group (Ingrid hopefully having learned her lesson), and ventured through the secret door. We found more orcs, and killed them with great… prejudice.

The room we found them in was some kind of crude magical laboratory, or as close as these barbarians could come to. Another door leads further in. The others are looting the bodies as I write, and soon we will be moving on.



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