Sakura's Journal

I am weary.

We have cleared all the orks from the halls of this dwarven fortress, but it took all my spells to keep myself and the others alive, after our battle with the Great Ulf.

Beyond the gas trap that weakened Ingrid, we found several orks, and slayed them all. Another secret passage was found, allowing us an easier path out of the fortress. Our way secured, we paused to search through the halls for any treasures that may have been left behind.

We found many signs of ork filth, and a statue bearing the mark we were instructed to find, but if any weapons of that make still exist, they have long since been moved from this place.

We are resting now, and when it comes time to move again, I think we will return to the city.

I will not be sad to see this place go, but I have marked all I’ve seen on the map, for future adventurers, should they wish to reclaim the forges.



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