Entering Khar'leth

the first day

A paladin (who happened to be a Marsh-Wiggle) was given a quest: seek out the ruined dwarf hold of Khar’leth, and bring what now abides there to light. He picked up a passel of fellow-adventurers to help him accomplish this task:

  • a mage from the Verdil Vale
  • a young rogue, outdoorist, and “fixer”
  • a holy woman of the Occident
  • a local man to act as porter

Together, the group snuck up to the gates of Khar’leth. The two idle orc sentries were murdered before they even knew there was a threat. But the dwarven doors of the stronghold itself were harder to master: balistraria rained down arrows on the intrepid party. They ran inside.

There, they found a rope bridge over a yawning chasm, held against them by a gang of orcs. Sakura bravely stormed the bridge when she saw the orcs were willing to bring it down rather than allow the characters to pass; however, she was struck down immediately upon reaching the far side. Eventually the orcs were overcome; Drizzledour set to work healing the dying human, and Alagosanu searched the room. It was the last thing he and Ingrid were expecting, but suddenly a pair of switches recessed into the wall with a click, and a door silently slid open…!



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