Sakura's Journal, entry 2

While we were resting from the last battle, that fool of a scout apparently discovered a secret door. This, on its own, would not be a problem, except that instead of getting the rest of us, she decided to move on, and wound up running into a bunch of orcs, including a mage. The foolish girl managed to run back to the rest of us, and we set as best an ambush as we could on such short notice.

One orc only came through the door, but we made such an end of him that the others threw a vial of alchemist’s fire at us, and ran.

Once the gas had cleared, we ventured forward, as a group (Ingrid hopefully having learned her lesson), and ventured through the secret door. We found more orcs, and killed them with great… prejudice.

The room we found them in was some kind of crude magical laboratory, or as close as these barbarians could come to. Another door leads further in. The others are looting the bodies as I write, and soon we will be moving on.

Sakura's Journal

I am weary.

We have cleared all the orks from the halls of this dwarven fortress, but it took all my spells to keep myself and the others alive, after our battle with the Great Ulf.

Beyond the gas trap that weakened Ingrid, we found several orks, and slayed them all. Another secret passage was found, allowing us an easier path out of the fortress. Our way secured, we paused to search through the halls for any treasures that may have been left behind.

We found many signs of ork filth, and a statue bearing the mark we were instructed to find, but if any weapons of that make still exist, they have long since been moved from this place.

We are resting now, and when it comes time to move again, I think we will return to the city.

I will not be sad to see this place go, but I have marked all I’ve seen on the map, for future adventurers, should they wish to reclaim the forges.

the Great Ulfe

The party rescued some human paupers who were being held for ransom in an orcish cell, and Drizzledour sent them on their way with two of his rations (“Though I should expect them to have gone stale, or rotten, and poison you as likely as sustain you”).
The group of adventurers then found their way through the caverns, finding a few odd rooms that they decided to explore later. Ingrid activated a nasty gas trap. The inhalation of the noxic gas made her feel weak – even more so than usual.
Right next to this trap was a room that they decided to explore now. Inside were a monstrous ogre and two ferocious wolves, who attacked the party without quarter or parley. Halfway through the fight, the beast bellowed a challenge down the corridor, and four orcs answered it, running to flank the party in the elbow of the hallway.
Though they nearly collapsed with the beating they took, and Sakura was kept busy with a flurry of healing spells, they managed to stand triumphant. The ogre, who seemed to be the “Great Ulfe” the orcs had been speaking of, held some pretty good treasure in two wooden chests in his room.

First day, con't.

Ingrid walked through the secret passage and found that there were orcs there. In the fight that followed, she got knocked down and nearly died. The party had to hunker down for the night, after Alagosanu fried one last orc hiding in a different secret passageway.

In the morning, it took them nearly a full hour of head-scratching wonderment to puzzle out a way to get across the frayed rope bridge. But eventually they did so.

Entering Khar'leth
the first day

A paladin (who happened to be a Marsh-Wiggle) was given a quest: seek out the ruined dwarf hold of Khar’leth, and bring what now abides there to light. He picked up a passel of fellow-adventurers to help him accomplish this task:

  • a mage from the Verdil Vale
  • a young rogue, outdoorist, and “fixer”
  • a holy woman of the Occident
  • a local man to act as porter

Together, the group snuck up to the gates of Khar’leth. The two idle orc sentries were murdered before they even knew there was a threat. But the dwarven doors of the stronghold itself were harder to master: balistraria rained down arrows on the intrepid party. They ran inside.

There, they found a rope bridge over a yawning chasm, held against them by a gang of orcs. Sakura bravely stormed the bridge when she saw the orcs were willing to bring it down rather than allow the characters to pass; however, she was struck down immediately upon reaching the far side. Eventually the orcs were overcome; Drizzledour set to work healing the dying human, and Alagosanu searched the room. It was the last thing he and Ingrid were expecting, but suddenly a pair of switches recessed into the wall with a click, and a door silently slid open…!


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