You’ve grown up hearing legends of the Kazik Civil War, when the Divided Kingdom of cave and eyrie met in brutal combat, so badly devastating the dwarven race that it’s now a rarity to see a living member. Forty-five years ago, it was one of the first sparks in the powder keg of racial, regional, and theistic fury that is even now threatening to shatter the millennia-old Imperial Dynasty to its foundations.
       Few of the tales of the war feature Khar’leth, the “Stone Tooth,” a lesser outpost of that great conflict. The dwarven clan of Khar’leth was run to ground by a mixed force of dragons, goblins, and roc, and finally a great Red Dragon penetrated the dwarves’ bastion, leaving scattered survivors that could be counted on one hand.
       The loss of the Khar’leth clan meant the death of many of the finest armorers and weaponsmiths in the land, for the forges of the Stone Tooth were without peer; much wealth was carried away by the conquering hordes. But it’s said that the deepest and best-hidden vaults and armories escaped the looting, and that some of the dwarves’ extraordinary blades still wait in the darkness for a hand bold enough to claim one.


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